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Big Underground Multilevel Station
« on: September 16, 2011, 09:33:18 AM »
Ok, so I will also send a pic from one of my (few) real games.

This is the underground central station of the most strategic city in the map, where most of the express lines meet. It features a subway station too.

This is a better explanation:

The station is 2-layered.

At level -1 there is the westbound terminus (central 2 platforms), the main through tracks E-W (at their side) and the S-E through tracks (at the extern) and the subway platform at the southernmost side, for a total of 6 platforms + 1 for subway (which network is not connected to the main network).

At level -2 there are the eastbound and the southbound terminuses (3 platforms each), loop tracks for the S-E trains, and the S-W through tracks.

At level -3 the subway underpass

This is the surface level:

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