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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 10.0

Started by jamespetts, September 18, 2011, 12:02:52 AM

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A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: Simutrans 110.6 Experimental 10.0. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

Note that the Windows binaries contain the Windows version of the no-graphics server. Both Makeobj and the configuration files have been updated for this version. This is a major new release, with significant feature enhancements (both from Standard and specific to Experimental) and a large number of bug fixes. Highlights include:

(1) point to point journey timings;
(2) variable loading times;
(3) clearer representation of in-game timings;
(4) wait for load offsets;
(5) passengers can walk between nearby stations (optional, disabled by default);
(6) better handling of traffic at intersections (from Standard);
(7) overtaking of stationary vehicles (from Standard); and
(8) pausing of a network server when no clients are connected (optional, disabled by default).

The full list of Experimental specific changes follows:


  • CHANGE: "Bits per month" can now be increased to up to 48 in the settings dialogue.
  • FIX: Vehicles with multiple liveries did not display correctly; crashes in some cases.
  • FIX: Crash on occasions when assigning a vehicle to a new line.
  • FIX: no sharp turns of airplanes after take-off
  • CHANGE: It is now always possible to travel by private car within a city
  • FIX: Private car speeds were too slow by a factor of 100.
  • FIX: Incorrect calculation of when it was necessary to build new power stations.
  • FIX: Crash on loading in some cases.
  • FIX: Crash on selecting vehicles with defined liveries and following vehicles.
  • CODE: Optimisations and simplifications of the path explorer (Knightly)
  • FIX: Crash if there was no attraction on the map (Knightly)
  • CHANGE: Credit interest rate is now half its previous level.
  • CHANGE: Optimisation in dealing with reversed schedules in the path explorer (Knightly)
  • CODE: Fixed formatting errors in
  • FIX: Occasional crash when closing industries.
  • FIX: Crash on loading games saved with version 110.6 Experimental 9.x
  • ADD: Passengers can walk between nearby stops (optional and disabled by default)
  • ADD: GUI for walking routes between halts
  • CHANGE: Remove floating point arithmetic from waiting times
  • REVERT: Refunds are now 2x not 1.5x the base fare again.
  • FIX: Information about the convoy did not fit above buttons in the convoy info window when pak64 is used (Inkelyad)
  • FIX: docks do not have any way going through them, causing crash (Knightly)
  • CHANGE: All journey distances and many ancillary distances are calculated using the shortest possible distance using cardinal and ordinal distances (written by Knightly) rather than the Euclidean distance, which is not always achievable in Simutrans, as vehicles and ways can only move in cardinal and ordinal directions.
  • CHANGE: When trains and similar convoys reverse at stations, the reversing time is no longer cumulative with the loading time, as passengers may board while the convoy is reversing.
  • CHANGE: Convoy loading times are now counted as waiting, not travelling, times.
  • ADD: At any stop at which a convoy has to reverse (other than a road or air convoy), this is marked in the convoy's schedule thus: [R]
  • CHANGE: Vehicles slow down before waypoints at which they have to reverse, but not otherwise.
  • CHANGE: Reversing time is now counted as waiting time rather than travelling time.
  • CHANGE: Convoys now continue to load whilst they are reversing.
  • FIX: Erratic behaviour when convoys depart from stops in some cases.
  • FIX: Error in calculating the odometer when vehicles were travelling in a straight line.
  • CHANGE: The minimum waiting time at stops is now 2 minutes, not 4 minutes.
  • FIX: Inaccurate calculation of average speed in scales other than 250 meters per tile
  • CHANGE: Update the credits.
  • CHANGE: Increase the default signal spacing from 2 to 16
  • CHANGE: Added new output format for date/time: show_month == 8 (Inkelyad)
  • CODE: Amended comments to explain the arithmetic conversions relating to time (largely Inkelyad)
  • FIX: Some errors in the calculation of waiting times
  • CODE: Move get_waiting_minutes from haltestelle_t to convoi_t
  • CHANGE: Loading time display in the depot window is shown only in minutes/seconds.
  • CODE: Add further explanation of unit conversions (Inkelyad)
  • CHANGE: Formatting of minutes includes a leading zero when hours are displayed.
  • CHANGE: Travelling and waiting times in the halt detail window are now shown as HH:MM:SS
  • FIX: Correct display of Experimental version number in Makeobj.
  • CODE: Change include patterns to improve compatibility with nettool
  • ADD: Setting to change "passenger_max_wait" in the settings menu.
  • FIX: Incorrect text displayed in the list of goods (names instead of prices).
  • FIX: Incorrect computation of catering revenue
  • ADD: Catering level can now be set in the "list of goods" window
  • CHANGE: Allow setting of meters per tile precisely using "meters_per_tile" in "distance_per_tile" is still supported, as before, but deprecated.
  • ADD: Vehicles' loading times will now vary between a minimum and maximum value set in their .dat files depending on how many passengers or how much freight is loaded/unloaded at the particular station/stop.
  • CODE: Remove redundant code for reversing schedules
  • ADD: Configurable parameter, "min_wait_airport" in specifies the minimum time that passengers/goods may wait at an airport.
  • FIX: Crash on larger maps.
  • FIX: Vehicles did not accelerate fully until after they had crossed a tile boundary after stopping.
  • CHANGE: Use int instead of uint16 for local loop variables when iterating through collections (16-bit integers are converted to 32-bit integers before being computed, so it is better to use "int" in stack-allocated variables not stored on the heap at any stage).
  • FIX: Crash when upgrading from the depot.

Feedback and testing

Thanks also to all those who have tested Simutrans-Experimental and provided useful feedback (and especially all those who helpfully subjected the pre-release versions of 10.0 to helpfully rigorous testing): it is very much appreciated. Any feedback from this version would, as ever, also be very much appreciated, including (1) the new time-related features (point to point journey timing, more accurate loading times, etc.); (2) online play (see here for a list of Simutrans-Experimental servers); (3) general bug reports; (4) information as to how well-balanced that the game is; (5) any difference in approach/strategy needed for Simutrans-Experimental as over Simutrans-Standard; and (6) any other useful feedback.

Thanks again to all those who have worked to test Simutrans-Experimental, and happy playing!


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