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Pak64 waste chain mirror?

Started by RichardG, August 10, 2008, 12:27:30 AM

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It seems that the pages for downloads at Sourceforge have been redesigned: (this is the page that you get for "all downloads") , and now only certain files are accessible. Especially, 99.17.1 can't be downloaded from there.

This is quite a problem, unless there's a work-around. If the files are still available, then announcements (the one for 99.17.1 should be repeated in this forum) could link to them directly. EDIT: the search function gives some more files, but the result set is quite incomplete.

@Richard Gatinho: I know this doesn't help you, but I am looking for working download locations myself.


All files, all that have been uploaded, are accessible. Use the plus arrows.

The waste chain is part of the standard pak64 distribution form 100 on, imho. At least it was planeed this way.


Hmm, Pak64 waste add-on is neither on the SF site (because the latest version for it is 99.13, July 2007), nor in the pak64 100.0 archive, nor at the other places that I looked.

Therefore, I provide it as an attachment here, from my local harddisk.

Regarding SF downloads: in the link that I posted, you have to click on the links in the column "Packages", not in "Downloads", to get all versions.


This additional file is still the most current one (known to me) as of version 111.0.


I build pak64 from sources myself, and although I have enabled the waste chain and the vehicles are available in my depots, I have yet to see waste related industries. It has been that way for quite some time. Does the waste chain even work anymore?


It works, but this industry seems to be disregarded by the map generator. Adding it manually (switch to public player) allows for functional chains.


If the map generator disregards it, then it doesn't work (properly).


But what is the reason? I stored it into the pak folder (instead of the addon folder), generated several maps without timeline with lots of industries, yet the waste buildings never appeared. Both of them are enabled for many climates, so this should not be the problem.
Maybe compilation with a current Makeobj is necessary.


The final factories (consumer) are land factories. However, current code creates only state factories or power plants. Thus those were never built. Sicne the current system does not cares about towns anyway anymore (means the next chain is not in the town reaching the level), this should be dropped.

EDIT: It will create wast industries nicley. The chances are just low.