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Wiki pages corrupted

Started by Dwachs, September 29, 2011, 05:12:14 AM

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What happened to the wiki? A lot of German pages are almost empty, in particular the dat-documentation. Example:

There is no editing history either that could be rolled back :o

More pages with problems can be found in this German posting:
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


Just checked it myself. Looks fine to me.  I get a long page with lots of info.


I do not know what is going on here. The wiki now appears to be rolled back to a version as of August 1st  ???  The wiki comes with the old theme again  :P
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


We know Dwachs, I was making rollbacks for those pages. The German wiki is big, so it was taking me time.
All languages were OK, only German and Swedish were still to do.

The wiki was having some issues, some special characters were not working. So I sent Frank a link to try correcting it, but what we got: All pages with special characters were cut from the first special character.

Another bug, was the Image Gallery, no way to use it anymore. It was bugged, we couldn't open the images anymore. And other bugs.

So Frank decided to use the version 5.4 than the 6.4. The changes made in 6.4 are not included on 5.4, anyway it's not too much.

I suggest don't edit/create new pages for now. At least while Frank works on it. I'll keep chatting with him to check what we can do.


The software update is postponed for an indefinite time. Therefore, I give to freely edit v5 resist.

Those who had registered with the new version, I ask to register again.