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Weight limits seem unplayable?

Started by lakehaze, September 30, 2011, 06:24:42 AM

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I hope somebody finds my non-development post in this silent sub-forum.

What's up with weight limits?

The lightest track is 62t, but the lightest train I can make in 1920 is 66t (one engine and one coal car).  How can one ever use the 62t track?
On the strongest track of 150t, the longest train I can build has 5 coal cars and uses only 2 station platforms, using the lightest (39t) engine.  With a stronger, more reasonable engine, the '[Something] Plains/Prarie(?) (78t, 1350kw)', I can only support 3 coal cars under 150t.  I tried running the train anyway, but if it's heavier than 150t, it just says 'No route'.

I'm used to building larger stations than just 2 platforms (in standard).  What am I doing wrong?


afaik weight limits of ways limit only the maximum weight of a single vehicle in a consist, not the total weight of the  convoy. (pls. correct me if this has been changed.)


That makes sense.  I should have consciously tested for that.  I'm sure that will work when I try tonight.  Thanks.


Last I played I was able to run trains at total weight over 1,800 tons, so I can't imagine it would have been changed.


Yeah, I was stupid.  The weight limit is per vehicle.  Somehow, juggling different convoy setups I tricked myself into thinking I had already eliminated that possibility.  It works no problem.

Thanks again for the help.


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