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SMSC October 2011 Edition: Parks and Recreations in the city

Started by vilvoh, October 01, 2011, 04:13:52 PM

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Welcome to a new edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest. The October's topic is Parks and Recreations in the city, thus show us the combination of beautiful parks and tourist attractions that make passengers want to visit your cities.


  • Only one picture per user
  • Picture max size: 800x600
  • Available picture formats: png or jpg
  • Topic: Parks and Recreations in the city
  • You may use any pakset you want
  • Zoom is allowed.
  • Please indicate if it's from a real game or not.
  • Please include a short description and mention the pak you've used.
  • You can upload the picture to an image hosting service like imgur, or photobucket and then post link to the image here.
  • The nomination period ends at 15th October. Then, we'll make a poll to decide the winner(s)


A mention at Simutrans Hall of Fame, compliments by the community and one post including your picture in the official blog.

Have fun!

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I'm in for the contest use the real game is pak128
the Big Apple called this photo
I'm doing the game on a scale that made ​​New York City but I'm starting my my opportunity to run in my first contest screenshoot
No era para acerte asustar,yo te dije que te iba a buscar,yo te avise,los trapos te robe,vos decias que eras la mas popular pero con central no te plantas,sos un C.....,te cuida el batallon.Central vos mi pasion,locura de mi vida,sentimiento que entendemos los que damos la vida por vos,aunque hoy no me des la gloria ya me alcanza con que existas...Esta es la banda canalla llegaron LOS GUERREROS,Re loco donde juegues,esta es tu gente y aunque estemos en las malas y nos fuimos al decenso,vos sos un sentimiento NUNCA TE VOY A ABANDONAAAAAR
Saludos Atte. Canalla.


With the name "city of towers" i am presenting a real game with pak96.comic and some add-ons.

This city contains ...
-The house upside down.
-Football Stadium.
-Catholic Church.
-Protestant Church.
-Two swimming pools.
-two parks.
-a monument.
-A parking lot with several levels.
-A platform for launching rockets.
-Some towers.
-An airport.

For the transport is connected by ...
-Bus of the city.
-Light Rail trains.
-Trains Maglevs.
-Aircraft jets.

Without further ado ...

Full Image


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Name: "Eiffel Tower & Champs de Mars"

Inspired by the real life, this is my most beautiful park in the main city in my map. The addon of the Eiffel Tower has been created by "Aquel" whom i'm very grateful to help me to build Paris in Simutrans.
This park is accessible by Metro and bus.