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[New release] Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.8.2

Started by jamespetts, October 10, 2011, 10:17:58 PM

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A new version of Pak128.Britain-Ex is available to-day: 0.8.2. Download the pakset here, or alternatively, get a complete package with Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.8.2 and the latest Simutrans-Experimental (Windows only) here.

This is a version of Pak128.Britain adapted to work with Simutrans-Experimental. It does not work with Simutrans-Standard. See here for more information on the Standard Pak128.Britain. Note that this pakset is only compatible with Simutrans-Experimental 10.0 and later.

Although this is a largely complete and working pakset, there are a number of areas that are not finished, including an incomplete set of passenger boats/ships, an incomplete (although happily growing, thanks to Giuseppe) set of aircraft, missing bridge graphics (steel/concrete/suspension bridges use graphics of other types of bridges), an incomplete set of narrow gauge vehicles, ways and buildings, and incomplete support for the (cosmetic) liveries feature. Additionally, the price balancing is currently somewhat approximate, and is awaiting detailed refinement, which is likely to be a substantial task (and is likely to require further refinement of the Experimental code to balance properly). Nonetheless, the pakset is eminently playable in its current state, and has been refined by several years of playing and testing, including, more recently, online playing.

We (I and the maintainers of the Standard version of this pakset) always welcome contributions of artwork, research, etc.: see here for more information on contributing graphics to Pak128.Britain (including Pak128.Britain-Ex).

This version is a relatively minor bugfix release, albeit including a few new steam locomotives and player colour stations (from Standard). A full list of changes from 0.8.1 follows:

Changes from 0.8.1

  • ADD: streetlist_en.txt file
  • FIX: Various graphics (from Standard)
  • ADD: Tileworks (Archon)
  • ADD: BAC One Eleven - 200 series (Giuseppe)
  • FIX: Remove illegal decmial from the weight of the BAE146
  • CHANGE: Reduce the chance of the Tileworks
  • FIX: Colliery image (from Standard)
  • ADD: Player colour stations (from Standard)
  • ADD: Snow textures for stations (from Standard)
  • FIX: Incorrect weight for the BR Class 315
  • CHANGE: Revised power for early LBSCR tank locomotives
  • CHANGE: Station capacities adjusted (suggested by AEO)
  • CHANGE: Revised station prices (suggested by AEO)
  • ADD: BAC 1-11 500 (Giuseppe)
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR C class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR C1 class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR L class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR D1 class (and an update to the base livery)
  • ADD: LBSCR E1 class
  • ADD: LBSCR E3 class
  • ADD: LBSCR E4 class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR E5 class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR I3 class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR J class
  • ADD: LBSCR A1X class
  • ADD: Multiple liveries for the LBSCR A1/A1X class
  • FIX: Spelling error in the translation for the LNWR Crewe Type
  • ADD: BR corporate blue livery for the BR Class 81
  • FIX: Poor alignment of Mk. III TRFB (BR blue livery)
  • FIX: Introduction date of the BR Class 58
  • FIX: Correct seated/standing capacity of the Mercedes Citaro K (from observation)
  • CHANGE: Reduce passenger factor to 13.

The following features are supported by this release of Pak128.Britain-Ex:

  • Comfort
  • Loading times (including minimum and maximum loading times)
  • Catering
  • Upgrading
  • Way constraints
  • Reversing
  • Air resistance values
  • Tilting trains
  • Overcrowding
  • Industry obsolescence
  • Industry upgrading
  • Weight limits
  • Tractive effort
  • Traction types in depots
  • Liveries
See here for a more detailed description of the work outstanding and so far completed, and also for information on how to get involved in contributing to the project and obtaining the sources.

Any feedback on this pakset variant (especially relating to the gameplay balance) would be very much welcome. This topic is locked, as it is intended to serve as an announcement: please post bug reports and feedback/suggestions in separate threads, one for each bug/topic. Thanks to all those who have helped to test Pak128.Britain-Ex so far - happy playing!
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