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SMSC November 2011 Edition: Snow at railway crossings

Started by vilvoh, November 07, 2011, 06:26:37 PM

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Welcome to a new edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest. The November's topic is Snow at railway crossings, then show us the combination of snow, railway signs and simple crossings, with three or four rail tracks as much.


  • Only one picture per user
  • Picture max size: 800x600
  • Available picture formats: png or jpg
  • Topic:  Snow at railway crossings
  • You may use any pakset you want
  • Zoom is allowed.
  • Please indicate if it's from a real game or not.
  • Please include a short description and mention the pak you've used.
  • You can upload the picture to an image hosting service like imgur, or photobucket and then post link to the image here.
  • The nomination period ends at 21th November. Then, we'll make a poll to decide the winner(s)


A mention at Simutrans Hall of Fame, compliments by the community and one post including your picture in the official blog.

Have fun!

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...

Emil Sawicki

Single diesel carries 15 cars of rock under northern suburbs of fictious city - Kluczbork. Game is real, I use pak64 with no addons.
Simutrans 123, Windows 10


A murky winter's afternoon becomes chaotic as a level-crossing on the outskirts of a city becomes frozen open.
Luckily, a railway depot is nearby, allowing engineers to inspect the damage (and wave flags) quickly.

  • Not a real game.
  • No zoom.
  • pak128.Britain, no addons used.
Life is like a Simutrans transformer:

You only get one of them, and you can't have it on a slope.


No contribution from me this time... But I wish the best for everybody taking part this time.
B.t.w: I want to thank everyone for the votes last time and for the subsequent congratulations! I was on holiday and when I came back the topic was already closed...


it's the first time i realize those little blue signal posts, are in fact men with flags. that after playing countless hours with pak.britain.

ps.: brilliant screenshot, with story, interesting lighting good composition. i'd like to feature it directly on the blog and google+ after this SMSC is over.


Country Border
Beetween 2 countries, 2 different systems.
Some says left is better, some other says right is better.

pak128.Britain 1.09 + pak128 2.0.0 as addons
Simutrans 111.0
A concept game, not real.


the Mixing from Paksets it very dangerous it´s possible that so a Pakset cill your games!
Opening hours 20:00 - 23:00
(In Night from friday on saturday and saturday on sunday it possibly that i be keep longer in Forum.)
I am The Assistant from Pakfilearcheologist!
Working on a big Problem!


The new skisports area attracts a lot of passengers, coming by train, by bus or with their own car.

Pak64 + Addons from japanese addon site
not a real game

Eric Moreira

[EN]: Translated into google translator
[PT]: Traduzido em google tradutor

[EN]:I'm putting my image here
EDIT:The images are the same
The lines give Asses four different cities, but companies that citizens will work here they have the option of road, rail and water transport between cities in addition to options and work
I hope you enjoy

I do not use the zoom
some add-ons
pak 128
There is not in real life.

[PT]:Estou colocando minha imagem aqui
EDIT: As imagens são as mesmas

As linhas dao asseso a quatro cidades diferentes, mas empresas que cidadao irao trabalhar aqui eles tem opção de transporte rodoviarios, ferroviarios e hidroviario alem de opções entre cidaes e trabalho
Espero que vocês gostem

Eu não uso o zoom
alguns add-ons
pak 128
Não existe na vida real.
I do not speak other languages​​, only the Portuguese (br)
Não falo outras línguas, somente o Portugues (br)


Here is my contribution:

City crossing

Pak128 (no add-ons), real game



My contribution : Kubes & Co Crossings on industry area (800x600)

Pak128 - version110 with french addons (truks and rail engine) . Snapshot in my big real game in progress

Current projects in progress : improvements of few designed french paks


The place in this picture won't probably look familiar to you... as it has been some time since 1860. A deep winter in that period wasn't able to stop work and transport on a local british farm. Various goods produced nearby the depot are loaded on dedicated trains in order to transport them to the nearest city.

Real game, pak128.britian, no addons.


I'm back and here's my contribution:

Beauty Valley
Concept Image

Here's a bigger version to check the details:

1920x1080 version later.


Just a few minutes to close the nomination period, guys!

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...