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Revenue - question about the lines

Started by Milko, October 17, 2011, 02:18:03 PM

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I would ask for some clarifications regarding the calculation of tariffs. But first I must make some assumptions to make sure that my reasoning is correct.
Example 1), it is a single line that connects ABCD.
A - - B
D - - C

The average speed is calculated by dividing the time taken to move from A to D for the distance between A and D calculated as the crow flies.
The money received from the line are related to average speed, so a passenger will pay as a result; I expect, however, a rather low average speed as the distance that matters for the

purposes of calculating the distance between A and D which can be seen to be third than actually traveled.

Example 2) Now I change example, imagine that the same path from A to D is accomplished through three different lines: lines AB, BC, CD. Assume also that the convoy is the same as the previous

In this case we have three lines with three different average speeds. The average speeds are higher than before because the calculated distance as the crow flies coincides with that

actually traveled.
The passenger pays a ticket every time you change a line, then pay three times the amount X£.

Example 3) Latest example: I create a direct line between A and D. I expect an average speed similar to that of the previous lines AB, BC, CD. The passenger will pay a ticket then equal to £ X (as before).

I wonder ... my reasoning correct?
A passenger traveling along the line ABCD using three different lines (example 2), pays three times more than if he had used a direct line AD (example 1)?
A passenger traveling along the line ABCD using a single line (example 1), pay one third (using speed bonus = 0) than if he had used a direct line AD?