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Challenge - An Old Castle Reopens (Building routes puzzle)

Started by Severous, July 28, 2009, 05:53:31 PM

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The Mayor speaks:

"Thank you for attending this press release.  

It gives me great pleasure to announce that in less than four months, on 1st May, the castle of King Napik will be reopened.  Our Geologists have completed extensive tests and confirmed the castle is safe; its position overlooking the sea is sound.

Once again the collection of unique armour and swords will be on display.  In addition our electrical engineers are in the final stages of installing powerful laser and holographic displays.  The castle will provide fascinating mix of old and modern displays to impress visitors of all ages.

The first 100 lucky visitors have already been selected by lottery from the town of Reading and from the workers in the surrounding industries. They will see special displays as part of the opening ceremony started by the Prime Minister.

Civil engineers are completing the transportation and power connections. All will be ready for 1 May.  So reserve your tickets early to avoid disappointment.  

Thank you."

As the Mayor steps down from the podium he sees his Chief Civil Engineer intensely listening to the Chief Geologist. Moving closer he hears...

"But I am telling you..Its not 100% solid.  The foundations of the castle, indeed the whole area, are prone to slip. You just cannot blast anywhere..and I mean anywhere.  No tunnels, land fill/levelling, demolishing.  Just follow the lay of the land and if there's anything in the way..go over or around..but don't blast.

The civil engineer didn't like what he was hearing.  He had a tight schedule as it was.  

Somehow he had to:
-   Set up transport to the castle through difficult terrain
-   Set up electrical transmission lines to power the castle
-   Lay on 200 crates of publicity supplies & guide books
-   Gather the lucky 100 passengers and get them to the opening ceremony

If this wasn't enough he had another project.  Power one of the Oil wells near the Power station in the mountains.  At least power lines might serve both the castle and the oil well. He would have to see.

At this point the Mayor stepped forward.  "The place is safe. But no blasting got it? Any changing the terrain and your out no matter how good the transport is. I wont accept any unnecessary risk.  Get it done before 1May latest.  The earlier the better for your annual performance review and bonus assessment"

This scenario:
-   Pak128.  V102.  No mod's or add on's required [Edit 20Nov2011 - This does load up ok on modern Pak128 V111]
-   Starts Jan 1930. Era on.
-   Ends May 1930 at 00.00 (4 months)
-   You MUST NOT alter the land in any way. Find routes
-   No demolishing anything. Lay a bad rail or road...leave it. (Cut trees is ok)
-   Make and take 200 Books to the 'Old castle' and unload them there
-   Collect any 100(+) passengers, take to the 'Old castle' and unload there
-   Those passengers and books must show up as waiting in the 'old castle' stop
-   Construct power transmission lines to the 'Old castle' and one oil field
-   Generate power and prove it powers the oil field (prior to 1May)
-   Power line must touch the castle (no transformer required)
-   Not spoil the castle. No more than two tiles of stops/platforms (+power is ok)
-   Obsolete vehicles allowed
-   Any transport type allowed (era on)
-   Debt allowed...but avoid bankruptcy
-   Earliest finish wins...although everyone getting 200 books there is a winner.

This scenario:
-   Requires cargo to go where it does not want to go. Think about connections.
-   Requires careful planning when building routes. Few options.
-   Is against the clock. Pause a lot.
-   Takes less than a day of play...a few hours.
-   Last but not least needs power lines.

Don't let the Mayor down!



One question: How could you check, that I didn't destroyed anything? I have only just to promise?



I hope players will find this reasonably hard.  More a to do it..than building a massive transport network.

As for following the 'rules'. Will have to trust players to do so.  If they don't we might know depends what they did and if it shows up on a save game. But I'd rather players had a go and bent the rules if they really needed to than not take part at all.  Its a game..enjoy yourself meeting the spirit of the challenge rather than the letter of the law.

I will post a link for the scenario here late tomorrow evening.



Well here goes.  Hope you like the little route building puzzle Ive set up.

Pak128. No mods required.

Edit: I am away from forum until 15 Aug. See you then.


Just came back from a 3 week holiday. I'll need to get practicing Simutrans again :p I'll have a look at this in a few days when I get used to my timezone again ^^


Severous,the save isn't existing,could you upload it again(and,as a matter of fact,forever)?
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Ive not been playing Simutrans nor coming to this forum for months.

I have uploaded the save/file again to the free hosting its available for another 60 days.


jap train fan


@Isaac: could savegames/scenarios be posted in files.[ simutrans [dot] us (site down, do not visit) ] (IIRC)?
It's a pity to lose all of these resources...


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Sorry. Was lost when I uninstalled Simutrans.

The time limit ran out on the file hosting site. It was only kept for 60days (default rentention period)..I hadnt realized that it was possible to alter that to 999 days.  As its a Simutrans site perhaps the default could be altered for sav files?


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.