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Expected profit setting for lines
« on: November 12, 2011, 09:40:55 AM »
In Simutrans, at least with pak64, some lines are doomed to operate with a loss, but are necessary to complete a chain. I have certainly had troubles making money transporting AAC, as well as paper and cars by train, and to some degree cars by truck. At least some of these have been confirmed as being more or less intended if I remember and understood the posts correctly. Intracity bus and mail lines have also become more difficult to operate with a profit recently.

Such lines will display as red in the list window, and red overshadows other warning colors. Since the lines are expected to operate at a loss, it would be nice to be able to mark such lines so that they don't turn red, but instead display other warning colors. However, with just a single toggle button, that would prevent any warnings if the line for some reason starts losing even more money.

My idea is therefore to introduce an expected profit setting for lines, that defaults at 0. If the monthly profit drops below this value, the line turns red. This will both solve the problem presented above, and make it possible to generate a warning if a line's profit level drops significantly, but not below zero. The latter may happen if you somehow introduce a break in the intended route for the line, but the convoys are still able to find an alternate route that is less profitable, hence no warning about no route.