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[New Release] Pak64.Experimental 0.3

Started by Carl, February 29, 2012, 03:30:48 PM

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This is just a minor update incorporating some new winter graphics and some bugfixes.

As ever, this pakset requires Simutrans-Experimental and will not run with standard Simutrans. You can download Simutrans Experimental here.

ADD: Winter images for all new attractions introduced in version 0.2.
CHANGE: Remove demo.sve for now, since it seems to be incompatible with Experimental 10.10
ADD: Ownership tools to
FIX: Some airport costs were zero

The "zero depot costs" issue reported previously appears to have disappeared of its own accord on my system. Could others verify whether this is the case?


thank you.
that´s you bring out a new relase from pak exp.
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Hello Carlbacker

It seems to me that the updates and bug fixes made ​​in pak64 standards are not implemented in the experimental suite or wrong?



Hi Milko,

You're right: so far I haven't integrated the changes made in Pak64 since the first release of the Experimental version back in September. Mainly this is because my setup precludes doing this automatically, so I'd have to make the changes manually. I plan to do this before the next release, however, so 0.4 should be bang up to date with standard-pak64 bugfixes.

More generally, however, I need to decide where Pak64.Experimental goes next. There are two (perhaps not mutually exclusive) options. First, I could simply keep Pak64.Experimental as more or less a mirror of standard-Pak64, but with all Simutrans-Experimental features (e.g. overcrowding, fixed maintenance, etc) enabled. On the other hand, I could develop Pak64.Experimental into a distinct Experimental pakset, gradually changing it bit by bit until the links with standard-Pak64 are merely ancestral. I suppose it's clear that I'm sympathetic to the second option since I've already added new city buildings and attractions to this pakset to make it distinct from Pak64. And in the medium-term I'm interested in replacing the roads and rails (for example) with smoother versions. (I'm already working on this; see e.g the rails here.)

But there might be value to having both projects around in the community, so I'm not sure this is an either/or choice.