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[solved] Compile-error 2127

Started by wernieman, November 20, 2008, 09:42:51 PM

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I get a ompiling error with the 2127 on my Linux-System:
===> CXX bauer/
bauer/../vehicle/../besch/vehikel_besch.h: In member function 'bool vehikel_besch_t::can_follow(const vehikel_besch_t*) const':
bauer/../vehicle/../besch/vehikel_besch.h:190: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
bauer/../bauer/vehikelbauer.h: At global scope:
bauer/../bauer/vehikelbauer.h:54: error: extra qualification 'vehikelbauer_t::' on member 'get_best_matching'
bauer/ warning: unused parameter 'include_electric'
make: *** [bauer/vehikelbauer.o] Error 1

Windowscompiler don't have the Problem ...... (Test from other im Chat)

Version 2126 Work
Solved in 2128, THANKS
I hope you understand my English