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Polish translation

Started by Sarrus, December 01, 2008, 12:38:52 PM

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I have a question. Who makes polish translation? It has many bugs. Most of industries have native names like "open_coal_mine". I tried to insert some names, and I succeeded. Its very easy, and a group of people can do that quickly. I don't have time to do whole translation, but I can do part of work.
Few words to polish players:

Czy ktoś zauważył, że w oknie pojazdu mamy "pasażerów wczytane"? To jest coś co mnie od razu poraziło po oczach



As far as I know, If there's no translation of a text in that language, the game uses the master translation, which is usually in English. So imho, that shouldn't be considered as a bug, just an untranslated text. The percentaje of Polish texts translated is about 39.0 % with only one translator registered, at least that's what Translator Statistics Center say.

Anyway, if you're going to carry out any translation of a new or incomplete language, I would recommend you to use Translator, the online Simutrans texts translator. Request an account or in case you don't want to register there, you can also make suggestions that will be checked and maybe approved by other translators of the same language.

As there's only one person translating in that language and it seems inactive since long time ago, I would suggest you to become a "main" translator, better than making suggestions that might stay without checking for a long time, due to the lack of people which supervise the translation proccess

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To be honest I was thinking about translating on polish but I don't have to much time so instead I would rather to create some new vehicles.
If I remember well there was proposition to create polish board on forum but there was no response for that proposition.
I think the problem is lack of polish members of the forum and also players at all so I don't really think polish translation is needed.



Due to the migration of the translating system, translations have been incomplete in several recent nightly builds.
So, I recommend to check some older distribution (in this case, I guess it's about Pak128), to see whether translations have gone missing, temporarily in the past or even until now, to avoid duplicated work.

Due to many changes in Pak128 and also the program itself, new strings have also appeared, for which hardly any language has a translation yet.


I guess all that have taken part in translations have a clear idea about how is the issue. It's a very hard work but the main advantage is that there aren't deadlines or release dates. You can do it slowly if you have less time or you can translate 60 objects/day if you have good translation skills.

This task is always easier if it's done by a group of people, because you share ideas, comments and decide the best term or sense of the translation, but it can be done lonely. It's annoying, and perhaps boring but I guess most the previous translators do it that way.

Other issue is if it's worth to carry it out when you don't know the real demand, but we go back to the same vicious circle ¿how you expect to create a demand if you don't satisfy it at least a bit? ¿Will polish player start playing Simutrans if he realize that the game is in his native language? It's a huge dilemma... :-\

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I would translate with high pleasure, but my problem is lack of time. I will start translating when I find some. I didn't know about how translations work until now. Thanks for You replies.