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Language problems...

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, November 25, 2011, 09:38:54 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

It seems that there were reports from CS and ES about some weird language issues...

Downloading language packs from SMF and overwriting existing files seems to have resolved, so I will do the same for our other languages.

This will take me some time, and if I get sleepy, may be pushed to tomorrow, but I will get this updated soon.

My apologies for any errors, and I will post again here when I have completed the language package extractions. (It's multiple pages to download each, then extract each, then upload each; not hard, but it takes a few minutes per language)

EDIT: Duh, figured out a faster way to streamline the process. It's done! :)

EDIT2: Everyone may need to visit the following link and choose their preferred language:;area=account

(Mine was set to Albanian, though the forum showed in English. Weirdness!)

Language Board mods, you may need to post this tip somewhere...