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TileCutter 1.0.0

Started by An_dz, May 24, 2018, 07:04:26 PM

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After 6 years a new version of TileCutter is out! And now with Transparency support! Wooo!

Transparency can be toggled with a checkbox under Image, by default it's turned on. When it's turned on the view is just like the above picture, with the famous "transparent grid" background, when off the view gets the classical blueish background.

This version also remembers if the window was maximised, before it would load taking the whole screen but it would not be maximised.

Internally there are two big changes, code was updated for Python 3 and wxPython 4. That's mostly the reason why the version was bumped to 1.0.0 instead of 0.7.0, the other reason being a rebirth of the tool. Don't be fooled, this does not mean it's more stable, actually it may be less.

Known issue
Opening images with an sRGB IEC61966 iCC profile will display a warning every time the main view is updated (it's a lot of times)
Workaround/fix: The IEC61966 profiles have some problems, it's better to remove it from the file as pretty much all applications will assume it as sRGB and will convert the colours more correctly than with the profile. Simutrans assumes and uses all images as sRGB without conversion so it's better to not use colour profiles with Simutrans images.

Reporting bugs
You can submit a bug report by posting a reply to this thread or on GitHub with the following information:

1. Clear steps on how to trigger it
2. tilecutter.log and TileCutter5.exe.log (if present) - These can be found under "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\tilecutter\" on Windows, "~/Library/Logs/tilecutter.log" on OSX and "~/.tilecutter/tilecutter.log" on all other platforms.

The new version has a different structure from the old, it's advisable to completely delete the old version instead of replacing the files.

Windows executable is stand-alone. Other platforms must download the dependencies (Python 3 & wxPython 4).

Windows version needs the Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 x64. The latest version of the 2010 version is 10.0.40219, and you can download the x64 version here.

There are planned features that you can check out on GitHub, but there's also a need to further clean up the repo and probably re-code and re-structure the old code.

Thanks to Ashley Baldock, the original creator, for all the work and for letting me use the same name. This tools is a time-saver.


No, it works on Linux and Mac, but there's no cool single file package like Windows. You download the source package and run tilecutter.pyw. I'll see if I can create a better package for Linux at least.

Edit: Added a package only containing the necessary files for Linux/Mac and a super simple bash script to run it.


Thank you, thank you thank you!


And once more :), thank you.