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About reporting posts, and one specific example.

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, November 24, 2011, 09:46:27 PM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Howdy. :)

So, first I'd like to talk about what the report button is for: Reporting spam, or any other dangerous post.

It is not to be used for reporting minor forum guidelines violations, e.g. double posts.

It is not to be used for a "reply" button when you disagree with something.

It is to be used solely for reporting situations where a moderator or administrator should intervene as quickly as possible.

What happens when you click the report post button? An email is dispatched to all of the administrators and global moderators. This is *great* when immediate action needs to be taken. This is NOT great when you are commenting about something that would be better done in a post or topic on the forum.

A case in point: Someone reported this thread and said we were rude in locking it. In fact, we had good reason to lock the thread; regardless, reporting the thread means that everyone got an email about it.

Please don't do that.

On the specific thread in question, if you have any questions about it, you may ask them in this thread - but basically it's a new user who is only asking people to make things. That's frowned on, so we locked it.

If you have questions about what to report, please feel free to ask here.

I'd like to think that the admins and moderators of this forum are generally polite, and open to new ideas. Maybe we aren't, but I think we are. :)


So, this button is more o less like the red emergency buttons we can find on trains to stop them:  for emergency use only.   :D

If you push one of these in other situations you're fined (at least where I live)...

Isaac Eiland-Hall