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Extension request versus development board

Started by prissi, December 14, 2011, 09:37:53 AM

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The recent move of the discussion of the one lane roads to the extension requests seems to have triggered all kind of reactions, and caused lots of misunderstandings.

To avoid cluttering the actual extension request with this, I rather continue here. The move was just because extension requests is about ideas and development is about implementation. The latter can only start if the previous is finished. As the topic evolved in many direction, away from the initial idea of "How fit is the overtaking code for two lane one way roads", I move it back to extension requests.

This topic is not touchy to developers and not at all a taboo (no way) it is just a very complex topic programwise, as you need to regulate two way traffic, a very non-trival thing to do it right.

And with that, please continue with the wishlist and brainstorming.


Beautiful explanation prissi, thanks for clearing the mess. :-[