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[Vehicle in progress] five Dennis Condor

Started by Joan~!, December 14, 2011, 03:12:16 PM

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Long time no see :D
I have drawn some Dennis Condor(s),

Dennis Condor from China Motor Bus^^

NWFB Dennis Condor 1st batch with A/C(second hand from China Motor Bus),

NWFB Dennis Condor 2nd batch with A/C(second hand from China Motor Bus),

CTB Dennis Condor (training bus,third hand from China Motor Bus & New World First Bus),
NWFB Dennis Condor(second hand from China Motor Bus),
CMB Dennis Condor.

Still working on them, comments are welcome! ;)

The Hood

Nice - but it looks more pak128 style than pak128.Britain.  The most obvious difference is that windows should be #000000 in pak128.Britain (special night colours not used) but some of the other colourings could also be a bit pale and washed out too.  An in game screenshot in pak128.Britain would help test this.