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Scenario - Make & Sell Textiles
« on: December 17, 2011, 05:24:31 PM »

This is the Pak128 scenario ive just made up and played. 

Pak128. Standard version. V110, no mods or add ons are required.

The wool is 1000 tiles away from the textile factory. The shopping mall sales outlet is 1600 tiles away. A rough mountainous terrain lies between them.  You have 5 years. (There are no cargo planes..just in case you were thinking of that easy option)

The storyline I played to was as follows:

No public service, no switching players, avoid bankruptcy, use standard game settings.

1930 - Year 1
A powerful seaman's lobby require you to:
a) set up a huge fishing industry employing between 20-40 trawlers. You must keep them employed for 5 years (must not over supply the fish factory).
b) use only ships to move cargo's across the sea near at Coventry (first 3 years of game)
You can set up routes anywhere on the map and service any existing industries.

1931 - Year 2
Connect the industries of Coventry to the Industries of London (1000 tiles away). Any industries you like. Passengers & mail also if you wish. Note: The three small cities have growth turned off.

1932 - Year 3
Make some textiles. But not transport them.(nor make a complete route).
A textile export licence will not be permitted until 1 Jan 1934 (start year 5)

1933 - Year 4
Connect distant City of Salisbury (and its Shopping Mall) to London&Coventry.
The Seamen are grateful for your employment. You may now bridge and/or tunnel the sea at Coventry.
Your Bank gives notice of cancellation of borrowing facilities. (B******s). You must be in credit at the end of the year and beyond.

1934 - Year 5
Export of textiles now permitted. On 1 Jan 1934 you can complete a textiles route. Textiles can now appear, be loaded and moved.
Get textiles (any amount) to the Shopping mall at the other end of the map as quickly as you can.
Remain in credit at the bank.

This plays out as a careful build up of profitable industries, long and difficult route building, then a race in year 5.

Sorry I cant ever get thumbnails to work.
Coventry: The textile factory is here. Fishing Industry.
London: Raw materials and various industries.
Salisbury: Destination for Textiles in year 5.

In my play I made Beer and Canned Food.  Dont remember making them often in Pak128.
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