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Mail ships in the 1930's

Started by Combuijs, January 31, 2012, 03:35:41 PM

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I have recently taken up playing pak128.Britain again. Lovely to play with, and compliments to everyone who has worked on it, but of course there is always something to complain about:

In the early 1930's there are no mail ships. I use an older one now (show obsolete vehicles). Are there any plans for mail ships in this period? Or maybe prolongue the expiry date of older mail ships?
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There are still a lot of gaps in the ship and plane timeline. At some stage I should get round to drawing more boats but the reality is I'm just not that excited about drawing them. The second problem is I don't know a lot about them either - if you have a few suggestions or requests I would find it easier to get the motivation to draw them!


Mail vehicles are in general of high need in the pak. Would it be possible to have a generic covered wagon (of goods type) as parcel vehicle?

Until high capacity diesel vans appear around 1940 it is almost impossible to transport mail in the required numbers within cities or city clusters.

I've resorted to use trains coupled express mail break vans on local lines. Needless to say it is not particularily efficient.


Hmm - as to mail land vehicles, the solution adopted by Sdog is, in fact, realistic - mail was transported by rail down local lines and generally only moved by road around villages. Where mail land vehicles need to be changed is in the 18th century, where the predecessor to the mail coach should be the mail boy (a young man riding on horseback with sacks of mail slung over its back), and not a wheeled vehicle. I have already produced for the Experimental version a later "parcel coach" from the 1880s and a covered mail wagon, the latter of which is to be used in towns. There were not really any more mail vehicles than this.
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