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Smooth overtaking patch

Started by isidoro, January 09, 2012, 06:29:36 PM

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Here is a very simple smooth overtaking patch.  It is not a full version, it is only to be able to see how it looks like.  So, only convoys end overtaking smoothly.

You can also see a video with one example.  In it, a more modern bus overtakes an old carriage.  The start is like present behavior, the end is smooth.  Only the last half of the tile is used to smooth the overtaking but that can be easily changed...

This is the video (zip compressed):


Nice idea. But, I presume you didn't try using vehicles with trailers? The effect is rather interesting.  ;)


All following cars in a convoi could query the first steps of the first vehicle of a convoi.


@TurfIt:  Yes.  It is not a working patch, as I said previously.  Replace, as prissi says, the values of steps and steps_next of the vehicle with the corresponding values of the first vehicle of the convoy, if you want to check those.  It is easy, since you have the cnv pointer.