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pak48.Excentrique, v0.14+

Started by Spike, January 19, 2012, 09:03:53 PM

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In this thread I want to collect all important updates made from pak48.Excentrique v0.14 till the release of v0.15.

Most important at the moment seemed magnatrack bridges. Building transport networks without bridges is quite difficult. The artwork for the bridge was borrowed from an older bridge of mine, and most likely I'll change it again, but for the time being it felt most important to have a bridge at all.


Two updates today. First a reworked set of grounds, featuring two new textures, and many small fixes. I think the tiles should fit better together now, there had been quite some "1 pixel off" mistakes, which just had been hidden by good luck so far. And, what really makes me feel ashamed for sloppy work, it fixes the version number, so that v0.14 now really shows up as v0.14 in the pak set dialog  :-[

And second, the "Twin Laser Bridge" for magnatracks!

I strongly suggest to get both updates if you give the pak set a try.


This was only a short update thread since Prissi asked for new pak set releases to be bundled with a new Simutrans release, so I just packed what I had and releases v0.15, which also includes all the changes mentioned above: