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Hrm, why am i not making money?

Started by sono, January 17, 2012, 12:48:12 AM

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This seemed like a perfect route..  Yet it is barely turning a profit. What is going wrong?


I thing, that you should cut down on operation costs.

0) Trains are little bit stuck. I suggest setting "month wait time" in schedule list to values between (1/128 and 1/16).

1) I consider removing road depot in Leverkusen. This city can be reached by vehicles from Osnabrück. It makes 18.00c per month. (It is good unless you plan to buy a lot of vehicles there.) This step is not necessary.

2) Trains you are using are overcrowded. I suggest add more wagons, for example 8 for each train.  You would need longer platforms for such a train, so add one tile to each train station. You can sell two locomotives and use money of it for these changes.

3) Yours locomotives have big operation costs and low tractive effort (number before kN). Consider changing them to "SDL Derwent 0-6-6", when it becomes available (in 1845)

I have operational profit of around 20 000.00c per year in 1846 with you game. And I am sure, you can reach much more.