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Publishing simutrans on desura

Started by ojii, January 23, 2012, 12:27:29 PM

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I think it would be wonderful if simutrans was available for desura (, a multi-platform digital distribution platform. They have a whole bunch of other Free/FLOSS games, and as far as I can tell it is free.

Paksets could be handled using "mods".

If noone wants to do this but the development team thinks this would be useful, I could look into it myself.


It looks more like a commercial platform (like steam). But I fail to see, how simutrans would fit in there, as almost everything there is shooting - which is quite different from simutrans.

But to be honest, even some reading made not clear, what the actual purpose is ??? As such, comments whether it makes sense to add simutrans there is a little difficult for me.


Well OpenTTD is also there, and a bunch of other non-shooters (as a matter of fact, I don't have any of the shooters installed), see It is a commercial platform, but as I said there's also a whole bunch of free games on there.

What it would add is a nicer way for users to install/update simutrans. And I'd assume more players would not hurt.


This seems not officially supported, as the OpenTTD version is already 1.1.5 but they offer 1.1.4. Furthermore, I do not see the point of adding another installer (for windows) to download a game which actually never needed an installer in the first place (the current installer was just added for windows-victims). It is also another platform to maintain, when releasing; and simutrans is part of almost any larger Linux distro since ages.


Quote from: prissi on January 23, 2012, 03:32:33 PMand simutrans is part of almost any larger Linux distro since ages.

It is, and horribly outdated. And usually installs stuff somewhere I can't put paksets (without root). The nice thing about this would be to have a way to actually update it in those repositories. But alas, if more usability and widespread usage is not desirable...