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NiNiWania - Simutrans in 19th Century from 1830

Started by Lodovico, November 28, 2008, 10:45:42 PM

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Here is my page presenting my results in Simutrans play during 19th century:

I hope it might help to newbies and to new vehicles designers.


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I like a lot this kind of review! Nice reading. Thanks!


thumbs up!

your games lasts longer (in game years) than any game I ever played.
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It's the best simutrans game with timeline review ever!! deep and well explained. With a lot of info and images. Completly recommended for newbies and masters. great work Lodovico... :)

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Why not written into the english wiki?

Add a site to many other sites.

a beginning game report by bossilein in the German wiki


Could you say which pak64 revision, since I lately updated the economy (of trains).


Hardly to say. Files have date 23rd April 2008. Some paks are newer.
When I compare "some" of my packs (they are here and you can check them: with 64 PAK version 115, I cannot see any difference.
Can you tell me, what I have to look for?


Running cost of trains and passenger vehicles. But I have to check you remarks too. Passenger Ships should get income with 70% load, same as planes.


My review reached the end of the year 1900 and finished. It is accessible at the English wiki.

Since I have some ideas about missing vehicles of various types, I thing I have to try to create some.
May I get some png picture as a template (especially for ships/sails)? I am afraid about directions and shifts ...


You have lots of pak64 examples in the SVN

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Thanks a lot! It helped me much.

As a novice in simutrans vehicle development I deployed one 3d modeller - Art of Illusion on my Linuxes
and here I created a ship and then I took appropriate snapshots.
Here anybody can found a resulting PAK for pak64:

The ship is Schooner Bark working from 1805 to 1905, carrying 40 crates of piece good.
To my surprise Simutrans v100.0 is loading this pak without problems and my first ship is sailing. :)
As I am uncertain regarding costs I set all numbers just intuitively after my experiences from NiNiWania

If any patch maker is reading this, I beg for a posibillity to reload a choosen pak file directly from the running game.
It would save time for debugging and tuning.

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It looks good, specially the sails! What did you use to model it? Blender, wings, 3Dstudio max?

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


In then next pak64 included. I would have like player colors more for the hull, though.

I would say: Just save you game after loading you pak. And then start with -objects pak/ -load gamename.sve