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pak48.Excentrique, v0.16+

Started by Spike, February 27, 2012, 09:28:01 PM

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Updates for pak48.Excentrique, v0.16.

- slightly adapted "tropical" ground texture
- some new, decorative, ground objects


More decorative elements:

- Active/inactive geyser (not animated)
- Spots of various colors and densities
- A spire
- Two rocks
- So called flowers, also cleverly disguised as pixels
- A sort of pond
- A mushroom patch


I've been experimenting with seasonal trees. I'm not all happy with the colors, but well, at least they change now over the year.

Trees offered in two archives due to attachment size limit.

Edit: To see all trees, be sure to have all climates from desert to arctic on your map.


- New music industry: Pipe organ to produce melodies + melody transport vehicle
- Slightly updated color hues for "orangecherry" tree


Nice that you're back with your pakset!


Thanks :)

Today, only a small update to the English language file, and the skin for Simutrans Iron Bite, if you use pak48.Excentrique with Iron Bite.