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[patch] Windows properties storage

Started by swed, June 27, 2010, 09:21:10 AM

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Here is a patch I use to save my windows positions and sizes.

To enable properties storage, just add enable_winprop_storage("xxxx") in the window constructor (like i did in for the example).
The parameter is a window ID, to identify it in the file (4length, lowercase).

How it works :
Startup = is read in tabfile_obj
Win Destroy = properties stored in tabfile_obj
Win Create = properties restored from tabfile_obj
Quit = overwrited with tabfile_obj content

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I'm asking myself how can we make that usefull for everyone.

I think it would be nice if, during game, the user can say :
- I want to save the ACTUAL position and size of THIS window
- I want to save the ACTUAL size of THIS window, but not the position (for 'multi instance' windows)
- I don't want to save no more properties of THIS window

But, how interact with the user ?
- A button on the window bar is not a good way (almost 'never used' button)
- Shortcuts are not a good way too, in my opinion.
- A context menu, opening on windowbar right-click should be great, but there is nothing like that yet.

So, I don't know how...

Is that an intersting functionality (may not be) ?
Do you have any suggestion ?



During network games the windows actually save their position and content. Not sure how to continue with this.