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Trains not moving when sent to depot

Started by deadlyboring, January 28, 2012, 11:04:41 PM

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Dear pak.Britain-Staff,

i recognized a small bug, which i could not find in a report in this forums.
When i send a train, after giving it the "no-load"-command", to a depot in which a train of the same route is located in, the train sent to the depot freezes. Neither does it react to deleting the "depot"-command in his route, nor to anything else espect selling it. If i manage to get this bug again, i will post a savegame, just let me know if you need this.

The Hood

On first impressions, this sounds like it could be related to the executable not the pakset. Have you had similar problems with any other paksets?


No, i didn't have this problem with another pakset. But since i play pak.britain most of the times, this is not quite significant.