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Question on Pak96 comic copyrights and misc.

Started by agamemnus, January 30, 2012, 03:16:15 AM

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I would like to use Pak96 comic images for my own game. What is the license on Pak96?

Further: is there any way to unpack images from it, or perhaps if not, would the maintainers be willing to send me the source images?

Edit: just read some similar threads on this topic. I'm actually not sure who exactly the owner of pak96 is -- is it sojo? I would be happy to send them details about my project and beg for the sources. :)


The pak96.comic is not open source. the person in charge of the pak is sojo, although there are work of many designers ... I imagine that you'd have to contact directly with sojo.

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the 96th comic (pak96.comic) is not open source. Pak96.comic have a freeware license. Every designer have the copyright by yourself (for the pictures). The designers gives me a right to use this grafics for pak96.comic (right of use) and give me the right to change the grafics for pak96.comic (adapt to pak96.comic). The copyright remains with the author, also after the changes.
Names and dats from the designes are only recommendations. The names and dats will make by me.
At the moment pak96.comic is incompatible with open source grafics. This need a release of all sources (pictures) and this does not exist.
PS. This is not planned.  ;)
PPS. At the moment the pak is a little sleeping.
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