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Textile factory
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:24:21 AM »
Remake of "factories/textile_factory.png":

The textile factory currently looks like it half-working or maybe shuttered. Perhaps nice as art in and of itself, but not an accurate portrayal of a working textile factory. So, I.. re-did it.

* Loading area: I removed the grime/wear from the loading area garage and asphalt.

* Sidewalk: I added a bit more of the sidewalk to make it more evenly spaced.

* Walls: I removed the "shuttered" areas with cloned windows from other areas. needed to slightly resize the factory walls to evenly space the windows, though. I also added another bush. I made the door on the left side more inviting by greying it (as if it was transparent glass).

* Roof: I cut out the two roofing elements, re-aligned them, and generally added more of them. I re-furbished the roof texture into a lighter more pleasing brown color. I added a skylight to one section of the factory: this is where the workers eat their lunch.

* Smokestacks: I recolored and re-balanced the smokestacks from dirty red to brown. I made the airplane warning light just one pixel for each smokestack.


My modifications are released into the public domain.