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All Simutrans strings explained and commented

Started by An_dz, February 25, 2012, 07:37:22 PM

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I'm creating a translation file explaining where the text appears, and sometimes explaining what it do. I'm something around 40-50% done, some strings are missing, but I'll add them later. Here's the part I already done.

The is the file only with the numbers, and the TranslationDescription.txt obviously have the descriptions.

The strings with ### are the ones that I couldn't find where it's shown, the ones with triple ? are the ones that I forgot where it's shown.

If you find any error, or know another place a string appears that I forgot or whatever, just write here. I hope this helps the translators.


I will try to convert this list onto notes on each topic. That way you will be able to see this also in simutranslator.


This appears to be very useful indeed. I'm stickying ;)