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Author Topic: The Capital City: Tatjana (Pak128 Britian)  (Read 4133 times)

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The Capital City: Tatjana (Pak128 Britian)
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:21:41 AM »

The Country has a population around 89 millions.

<<<Metropolitan Area of Tatjana>>>

Population: 4.693.278
Subway lines: 18
Suburban lines: 15
Tram lines: 55

Tatjana West

Tatjana Ost

Tatjana Nord

Tatjana Süd

Tatjana Central Station

Tatjana Central Station

Tajana East Station

Tatjana East Station

<<<City of Ahrweiler>>>

Population: 807.923
Light Metro lines: 10
Suburban lines: 4

Ahrweiler Hauptbahnhof

Ahrweiler Hauptbahnhof

Ahrweiler Hauptbahnhof

Ahrweiler Stadtbahn

<<<City of Rengen>>>

Population: 414.230
Subway lines: 4
Suburban lines: 1
Tram lines: 8


<<<Pictures Here>>>

****Main Stations****

<<Tatjana Hauptbahnhof>>

Supply: 800.150 per Mouth
Departed: 806.719 per Mouth


 MV1: Tatjana-Rengen
 MV2: Tatjana-Ahrweiler

-Inter City Express
 ICE2: Tatjana-Heidibronn
 ICE4: Tatjana-Ahrweiler
 ICE5: Tatjana-Kaltenhausen

-Regional Express
 RE4: Tatjana-Heidibronn
 RE5: Tatjana-Rengen
 RE7: Kirchheimer Bahn
 RE14: Tatjana-Schönesee

 RB1: Tatjana-Kaltenhausen
 RB2: Tatjana-Rengen
 RB4: Tatjana-Meiderich
 RB8: Tatjana-Steinenhausen
 RB9: Tatjana-Freibrigg




<<Tatjana Ostbahnhof>>

Supply: 499.200 per Mouth
Departed: 501.487 per Mouth


 MV1: Tatjana-Rengen

-Inter City Express
 ICE1: Tatjana Ostbf-Rengen
 ICE3: Tatjana Ostbf-Zegel-Rengen
 ICE6: Tatjana Ostbf-Zögel

-Regional Express
 RE1: Tatjana Ostbf-
 RE2: Tatjana Ostbf-Klagenfurt
 RE8: Tatjana Ostbf-Klagenfurt
 RE11: Tatjana Ostbf-Rengen
 RE12: Tatjana Ostbf-Philippsdorf
 RE13: Tatjana Ostbf-Philippsdorf
 RE33: Tatjana Ostbf-Freisteig

 RB11: Tatjana Ostbf-Karlsbronn



Other Importants Cities

-Rengen Hbf
 Supply: 415.665

-Ahrweiler Hbf
 Supply: 536.357
 Departed: 544.509[/size]
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