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Shop Max Units

Started by mgp104, March 17, 2012, 09:33:45 PM

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I have been playing Simutrans-Experimental for a while now but have noticed that in each game that I have played there has been a discrepancy in the maximum units for different industries and shops.  Usually the raw resource industries and factories have very large monthly maximum units but the shops that they supply have much lower max units values.  An example being a grain mill that can produce 800 units per month but supplies four bakeries with maximum unit demand of around 24 units per month.  So the result is that the factory can produce far more goods than can possibly be demanded. 
I usually start games with very small villages (~200 people) is this why the shops have such a low demand?  However I allow the villages to expand rapidly but everytime a new shop is built it still has a very low demand.  This is annoying as I prefer to play with just-in-time industries so I end up with vehicles waiting endlessly for the shops to slowly sell their huge stock of goods.  Does anyone know how to make the game generate shops with higher demand (without using change player to switch to public service and rebuilding shops with higher demand)?


It is intentional that the shops should have a low demand - the idea being that one factory will serve many consumers. There was talk elsewhere about limiting factory production to that demanded by consumers to avoid huge excess quantities of goods piling up around the map.


ideally, there are supposed to be a large number of small shops, but the game fails to generate them.
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