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Author Topic: 111.2.1 (r5434)- Crash after a lot of Work in pause then click on fast forward  (Read 1664 times)

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111.2.1 (r5434) crashed:

Worked in pause mode on railways, ways, station, etc. , bought new trains and after clicking on fast forward the game crashes
(linked 4 factories , bought 8 trains)

Win7 x64
Intel i7 Q720
HD 5870m

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Happened to me on the r5531 Mac version after I overhauled a section of road with the main hub with elevated ways

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Any additional information how to reproduce this is much appreciated.

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For me, same savegame as my last report,
All I did was rebuild the hub at Dundee with 90 km/h elevated ways. Built the new one directly over the existing and tried to keep the ways as straight as possible rebuilding some land at the stream through the middle. The smaller Dundee stop wasn't directly over the old one, but I kept both stops connected to keep hold on the passengers. If he has the same problem with different causes, I suspect it shouldn't be specific to much.