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Problems in PAK German 128 1.2

Started by popeye77T, September 11, 2021, 02:38:09 PM

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Here is my problem.. I'm using Simutrans 121 and PAK German 128 1.2, have been for some time now and happy with it.  But suddenly, in Rail Tools there is no depot and in Road Tools, no Garage.
Any ideas?  Thank you.
popeye 77T


in all saved games and in every new game?
in other paksets also no garage and depot?


Have you exceeeded the magical year 2999?


Look for two icons in the menu "man with hat". The left icon should be colored in your player color. This icon is for fast switching with one click to public player. If you have pressed the icon, it´s white and you can´t place depots.