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Author Topic: [Pak 128.Britain] Island nations, a large Map (2768x2768)  (Read 8158 times)

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[Pak 128.Britain] Island nations, a large Map (2768x2768)
« on: March 26, 2012, 10:28:38 PM »
The map is loosely based on the British Isles area. And by "loosely based" I mean that there's a larger island with British-sounding names, another smaller island with Irish-sounding names and a stretch of mainland with French-sounding names. That's it: all geography is fictional, those cities that have real life names are in fictional places and even the land masses are out of place (for example, FakeIreland is east of FakeBritain).

So, why make a fake British Islands map when there are a lot of real ones? Basically, I started to play a randomly generated map this summer. The idea was to have large landmasses isolated by seas so that I had situations that couldn't be resolved without ships and eventually planes, so I had to extensively terraform the landmasses. I liked it a lot but I screwed up and lost the save file. So I decided to use my screenshots to make a grayscale map and generate a map with it to start from scratch. Since there's a lot of work behind it, I thought to share the map.

I'm posting a "virgin" savegame for you to play: it has rivers, cities, roads, attractions, monuments and industries already in place, nothing else.
The savegame is made with Simutrans Standard r5583 and Pak Britain r835. No special addon required.
I think that it'll make a great Experimental game, so I'm planning to update the map to Experimental as soon as pak Britain-Ex includes all the new attractions.

Starting year 1827, so you can play a little with ships, channels and river transport before trains kick in. Of course you can change it as you wish, just use the public player to skip years. There are three companies started and a couple of docks already in place: I'm sorry, I started playing and accidentally overwrote the save file with the base map; not much harm done, however. Currently it's set to freeplay for testing purposes, change it as you wish.

Now, after the wall of text, here is the file (I'm posting it via FileFactory because it's too large for the Simutrans File Hosting):

Some screenshots:

First, the map itself: on the left, the cities, on the right, the initial factories. As you can see, all three "nations" are a good place to start, it's up to you.

A couple of closeups:

There is a Westminster and, yes, it's west of London. It has the Cathedral, the Abbey and the Palace of the Parliament. Well, actually it's a college, because there's no Parliament among the attractions. Not much else in term of realism (for example, London is much bigger than Westminster and it's across the river, not on the same bank).

A rare sight: a small old town which is still surrounded by it's city walls.

A couple of screenshots of the old game I lost:

London, twenty years after the beginning of the game.

A closeup of it's largest terminal. The underground is already well developed, thireen years before it's real life opening. To make things a little bit more challanging, I forced myself to avoid stations inside the tunnels before elctric traction as much as I can, that's why there are so many trenches.

If you think the map is interesting and you play it, thanks for downloading. Comments and screenshots of your games are appriciated, feel free to post them in this topic.
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