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Wrong description

Started by Spike, March 27, 2012, 12:05:35 PM

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This park is most likely not "shops and offices".


I think this just means that it's coded as a COM building, but without any corresponding text in the file. All COM buildings receive this text as default.


Yes. I'm just repeating myself, but I think that pak set maintainers, as well as the program maintainers, also have some responsibility to add translations if they add new functions and objects.

I understand that they cannot do that for foreign languages, but I'm 100% positive that Prissi can speak and write English. It's just a question if there is a will to achieve good quality.

pak64 was the default pak set for a very long time, and it is the oldest. It should therefore have complete translations in English and German, the native languages of the developers.


It's just an oversight -- I think it would be very uncharitable to say that it suggests there is no "will to achieve good quality."

Edit: btw, an apology -- if I had realised that you were Hans under a new name, I would have also realised that you already know what I said in my previous post :)


Quote from: Spike on March 27, 2012, 12:38:35 PM
Yes. I'm just repeating myself, but I think that pak set maintainers, as well as the program maintainers, also have some responsibility to add translations if they add new functions and objects.

Yes and no.

For this (or other parks)-- yes, a basic translation would be better provided. Or maybe even a basic description in dats.

Generally, buildings don't need necessarily their own translation. Most RES building can happily live with Residential Building and most COM with shops and offices. Traslation, if given, is an added value, but for instance I added to pak 128 a few hundreds of residential blocks, it would be insane to ask them to be all translated in short time. They are residential buildings and can be labelled as such.


Quote from: Spike on March 27, 2012, 12:05:35 PM
This park is most likely not "shops and offices".
And "A little fountain" (RES_00_06) is not a "Residential house".

The thing is, according to the DAT parameters, citybuildings can be one of these types:

res    residental building
com    commercial building
ind    industrial building
tow    city hall
mon    monument
cur    curiousity buildings
hq    company's headquarter

So, what type, among these, would a park be? Technically, none of these.

Parks, churches, sport fields, leisure clubs, balloon launch fields and other places of public interest are considered "institutional use". Well, at least that was what my Urban Planning teacher told me in Architecture School.

To solve this issue properly, Simutrans should have institutional citybuilding type (perhaps, INS) to be used in DAT files, since parks are not residential nor commercial use buildings.


The question of which type of building it should be really only bears on where you'd like it to appear in the city. Since RES, COM and IND buildings attract other buildings of the same type, you will program a park for whichever area of the city you'd most like it to appear in.


it would be sensible to have a way to add a description/translation file to the pak, which in turn could be importet to the translation page. This would shift the responsibility to come up with a good description to the authors of an object.

When investing so much work to come up with a good building or vehicle, it is likely they will also take the extra step to find a name and description and to ask here in the forum for a good translation. (We could have stickied posts in all language forums for translation requests)

At the moment pak maintainers are often to busy to do so, and those who translate are too far away from the process of the initial creation. Responsibilty for pak translation is distributed over so many people that it is lost, if it isn't coordinated very well.


So, essentially a split between an ID and human-nice name?

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