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New Attractions for Pak64

Started by Carl, February 29, 2012, 03:44:10 PM

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Here's a set of new attractions for pak64. The set comprises those attractions introduced in the Experimental version of pak64, but as an addon-set this will work perfectly well with standard Simutrans. You can find a partial list and discussion of these attractions here.

I'm no pixel artist, so these attractions are mostly of middling quality at best. If anybody wants to tidy them up or use them to make better attractions, be my guest -- the sources are on github here:


Some of the attractions are adapted from existing graphics, but I'm fairly sure everything I've used is open-source. Let me know if you spot something that shouldn't be here.


Nice, will certainly take some over in my own private pakset!
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cool photos the models be pimp my pakset.
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I tried your new attractions but unfortunately I encountered some problems: most of the buildings have light colours in their roofs, I don't think this is intended. Some of the attractions have a problem with their ground tiles (the large park for example), maybe the parameter needs_ground=1 is missing.

The swimming hall is really beautiful, I have it now in my city of London - will be needed soon...


Hi Sybill,

Thanks for testing! Regarding the light roofs, I wonder whether I've mistakenly put some of the winter-images have mistakenly snuck into the normal building graphics? Some of the buildings have light roofs intentionally -- though the art galleries and the small hospital could perhaps do with darker roofs. Could you upload a screenshot or two to demonstrate?

I think needs_ground=1 is missing -- thanks for the heads up on that one.

Glad you like the swimming hall! :)


With "light colours" I meant night glowing colours normally used for lights or windows at night.
Here is a screenshot:


Ahhh, I see. Rookie error - I forgot to check for special colours.

I'll fix this over the weekend and upload a revised version. Thanks, Sybill!


Here's a revised version of the set in which special colours should be removed and needs_ground should be present. Let me know if I've missed anything!


I've updated the Outdoor Pool with an animated version in Pak64.Exp (see here). It still needs some work, but I like it.

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