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What about those charming stories?

Started by Fabio, April 03, 2012, 02:19:16 PM

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Lately, most SMSC editions featured screenshots with charming background stories. So far so good.

Unfortunately after the screenstots are officially candidated for the prize, the stories are left behind.

I ask vilvoh and the community if it's possible to publish them also in the voting thread and, for the winning screenshots, also in the hall of fame and in the blog entries. It's a pity we loose track of them!



To include also the information about  Real game or Concept game?



It has become in the latest SMSC's part of the contest to write a small story behind the screenshots... I feel obliged to write something as others did. You could also describe your contest screenshot in a laconic way: "pak128, real game, no addons".
I like the idea to keep these stories as well as the pictures. But the danger is that it becomes a "Monthly Story behind the Screenshot Contest".


Quote from: alexbaettig on April 03, 2012, 03:53:29 PMBut the danger is that it becomes a "Monthly Story behind the Screenshot Contest".

I'm just throwing an idea in:

Once I thought we should have a topic where people post videos of their games. I think videos are more suitable than screenshots along with a text telling a story. Unless it's much complicated.


I'm going to get on my soapbox and please pardon me for doing so.  It is easy to find people who are contemptuous of role players.  But most of us are, in fact I've only met one person in my life who wasn't and that was an old machinist who would only watch the news on TV and read factual accounts of things.  He said everything else was just "made up."

While watching a movie we don't sit there and say, "oh someone just made this up." or a book, etc.  No doubt there is enjoyment and satisfaction in successfully completing the mechanics of Simutrans.  I would argue there is at least an equal or greater amount of joy to be gleaned from escaping reality and imagining these are real places.  It is not so hard to do and the stories make it easy and IMHO, that is why they are important.


Hi, after learning, testing and playing Simutrans since April this year i start to take part at the simutrans community with my participation at the SMSC this Month. Grubbing in the Forum i discovered this topic.

I like the idea to include Storylines - interesting content will result automaticly from the extensive gameplay in simutrans. In addition Storylines support creativity. The only thing is that every non englisch native speaker (like me too) has to translate his "lyrics" - this would be a disadvantage if the stories are weighted too strong.  If you like, you take a look to my little storyline - i think this is ok, but i'm not able to come up with such great stories like "deadlyboring" with his input to the SMSC.



In the actual vote, the story doesn't have a lot weight anymore. Vilvoh only shows the screenshots in the poll. It is very enjoyable in the submission thread so. I also think, the stories often cause better screenshots to be made, by putting more thought into what they should convey.

Raiser, you can always post a story in your own language, either also give a translation, or rely on the community to do so. Also being polished is not so important, the story by itself is what's of most interest.