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please advise

Started by Roads, September 10, 2012, 05:04:28 PM

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I worked up this screen shot along with a story which I won't relate here for the SMSC contest:

But while playing my game I happened to notice this station and thought it equally beautiful if not more so.  I did add the farm house for the shot and just kept it as I thought it would do no harm.  Anyway, I cannot decide which I like best.  Any thoughts?


my personal opinion is the first one, more nature :D


Thanks Jaridan.  I'll give it a couple days and if no more posts, then number 1 it is.


My pick is the 2nd pic... sorry for making you more undecided... the 2nd one is richer in elements, nicer and colorful.


Thanks Igor...maybe I'll get a tie breaker now although honestly I like number 2 a little better as well.  Also because, ever mindful of costs in pak128, it was planned as inexpensively as possible whereas number 1 spared no expense and would be expensive to maintain unless built with public money.


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I think I prefer 2, though it may look better without the red building above the river in the upper left of frame.


VS, Carl

Thanks for your replies.  I really wanted the input because so far my entries into the SMSC have gotten at most two votes.  This time I'm hoping for three. :)

About the house, I was looking for a house that reminded me of the old farm houses I use to see when I was young...the red one was the closest I found. 


I like 2. There is more movement in the picture.
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I agree AEO.  The first screen shot did not have the boats.  I waited until they got there and took this second one.  You guys have made number two a winner by a land slide.  If no more posts today I'll move it over tonight.


The second picture is just nice but if it's for this month's contest... I fail to see any station, just a river wharf... ???


Please look closely Fabio.  See those little signs?  That's a passenger station.  I used the landscape tool to make it the same station as the wharf.


I see the wharf and I see a *BUS* station... I still fail to see any railways... Maybe it's me being blind... ???


Oh by station I didn't realize the contest required a rail road station.  I thought any transportation pickup/delivery point was called a station.  If a railroad station is required then my entry will have to be number 1.



This is for vilvoh to decide, what falls into the contest and what doesn't... Maybe you should ask him directly and choose accordingly...


It is no problem Fabio.  I'll just submit number 1 as I don't see it important enough for vilvoh to have to make a decision.