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Lack of industry growth - how to investigate?

Started by merry, April 04, 2012, 05:18:48 PM

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I've returned to my relatively large Simutrans-Exp game, where the crazy mutating schedules now seem fixed. Hurrah. So far, no random 'reverse schedule' options have happened.

But I note that over the large multiple city growth in 18 game years, we might have had 1 new power statoin and possibly one new chain (althoguh i think not). IIRC, there should be industry growth. How can I check this is enabled in Simutrans-Exp? 
if it is enabled, what would trigger growth in the current version (I'm actually 1 release behind at the moment but I don't think this is a listed change)?
I suppose this is a questoin about 'where are the industry growth settings found in a current game environment, rather than a new game?

I can then see what happens when I change the settings!



May I ask - which version are you using? There were bugs in earlier versions that prevented industry growth from occurring properly.
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Maybe this is of help, maybe it isn't: I've started playing a game last weekend which lasted from 1900 till 1909 so far, on a 512x512 map with 64 cities and 16 industry chains to start with, and there hasn't appeared (or disappeared) a single new industry yet (some have however increased their production, but I think this is not what we're talking about). I'm playing with the latest Windows complete package, Simutrans-Experimental version 10.11 and Pak128.Britain-Ex version 0.8.3.

Edit: played a few months on and the first coal power plant chain is built.  ;) But I don't know how much industry growth would be "normal" or intended by the game engine+settings (I didn't change any of the default config settings) ... I may be mistaken, but I think in Standard+Pak128 (when I played years ago), there used to be more growth.
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I'm using Simu-Exp 10.10 with PakBritain-Exp 0.8.3 (ie one exp version behind release).

I do get the occasional new power station when demand dictates, but that is the only industry growth experienced so far. If I add new industry as public player (which then needs manual links and doesn't generate chains, unless I'm doing it wrong) the additional potential power demand is catered for by new power stations.

The game was started in something like Simu-exp 10.7 or 10.8, whatever was the released version in late July 2011.
yes, what a long time - I don't get to play that regularly.