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« on: May 03, 2012, 11:20:24 PM »
for next release or after

a shared depot - for example player 1 places depot so other company wants to share depot - so player 1 could click depot and click access list and click player 2 - settings will be like this - allow trains stored - Y / N
allow train creation - Y/ N
allow train upgrades - Y/N

so player 2 can rez train from player 1 depot - this one is seen on OTTD on Infrastructure Sharing mods

examples - plane depots and train depots and Bus depots and boat depots

improvements to toll gates - we need know which side the train or bus would have to pay - eg the signages face the gates will start pay for bus or train - if train enters gate with sign facing - start of paying but when exit from paying section after passing the gate again - either same gate or different gate

free toll route  if player makes a FREE ROUTE option - means toll gates can be free but has controls - this useful for exiting from player controlled road on to other road that's owned by other player that still have charge at other toll gate nearby
the current when player  1 and 2 and 3 join together and have toll - its would be paying more when bus enters one section or more