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[Pak96.Comic] Mountain Challenge [Scenario]

Started by checksumdigit, April 09, 2012, 02:44:58 AM

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I've build a scenario for 96c since there aren't any. I thought it was going to be really challenging, but after I tried it, it wasn't very hard. I spent a lot of time making the map, so hopefully I can figure out how to make a better scenario out of it.

Basically you just need to connect the coal mine to the power plant. Your challenge is the terrain. I thought a starting budget of 500,000 dollars would make it a challenge for trains, but you could easily win by buying a few trucks to haul the coal.

Also, seems I may have found a bug. once I complete the goal for the scenario, it crashed the game. If anyone else can try to reproduce this, we should log a bug for the scenarios.

Now I'm thinking maybe it should be a passenger goal? move lots of passengers so you have to play for a while.

Please try it if you have time! I would like any feedback on what would make a good scenario, so hopefully we can include it in the next pak.96c release.

To install the scenario, copy the .SVE and .TAB files to the Pak96c/scenario directory.


Lovely map! I like how you placed those small houses in the forests.

It crashes as soon as the finance window is opened. Try

# this is the factory for the objective

to specify which factory to supply.
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Very nice screenshot.  The town is not probably over 2000 inhabitants, why don't you participate in this month's contest?

SMSC April 2012 Edition: Small cities


Thanks Dwachs, I implemented the change and didn't have any more crashes either. Looks like scenarios need a little more documentation, at least so you know which factory to choose for the #3 type scenario.

Did you have a try at completing the scenario? It is too easy if you choose to transport the coal with trucks. My idea was a train connection between the coal mine and power plant. But you can't force the scenario for only 1 way type. Do you think moving passengers would be more challenging for the scenario than the coal connection?


Ok, I've changed the scenario to a passenger transport game and set the goal at 6500 (per month). I tried this scenario out and it is a lot more challenging as there aren't even that many residents on the map at the start of the scenario. So you are forced to play for at least 4 to 6 years game time.

Give the updated scenario a shot and let me know if there is anything that can be improved.


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Hi checksumdigit,

it is a very nice map. I finished the goal by the end of July 1980. It is the first time that I had a look at pak96.c and I really like the style. Normally I use pak128 or pak128.german. But I will give pak96.c another try.
Screenshot will be attached.




Thank you Rohal for your reply.

Quote from: Rohal on April 15, 2012, 07:39:10 PM
I finished the goal by the end of July 1980.
It sounds like it was not much of a challenge because you finished quickly. Should it be more challenging? what transportation did you use to complete the goal? I'm thinking about reducing the player starting funds to $300k instead of $1M.

Quote from: sojo on April 14, 2012, 05:49:20 PMLooks very well.  8)
Thank you Sojo, please consider as a scenario or demo.sve for the next pak96c release.

I will keep working on it to make it better.


Hi checksumdigit,

for the innercity transport I used buses. To transport passangers between the cities I decided to use trams.
It might help to reduce the starting money to make the game a bit harder.
It also would be nice to know how the number of passengers is counted. As you can see in the screenshot I transported at the end of July in complete 18k pax.