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Progress chart
« on: April 18, 2012, 02:47:47 PM »
Seeing as Pak64.USA got it's own board, I figured a progress chart would help organize things (Helps me out too).

Factories: Done, would would like to use some of 128's but that can wait.
City buildings: Partially done. Needs more variety though. Slowly rescaling pak128's american looking buildings, and will probably borrow some from Carlbaker's halfheight set.
City halls: Checksumdigit was working on these
Attractions: Partially done. I have coded some, but more would be needed to keep the simutrans flavor (no castles)
Station extensions: Not done.

Rail vehicles: Done, may add some more locos however
Rail signals: Done, but would like to add more styles
Rail tracks: Not done
Rail bridges: Not done
Rail Depots: Not done

Road vehicles: Many of the ones in Pak128 will work. Just need to be rescaled
Road vehicles:
Road signals:
Roads: Done, using Issac's and rfg123's roads. Would like the sources to reflect the new shading
Road bridges: Possible to consider done using Issac's. I would like to make bridges using rfg123's roads.
Road Depots:

Ships and plane stuff: Not done. I'll probably just use the default stuff that's been flipped and re-aligned