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[patch] Allegro hardware mouse pointer support

Started by swed, April 18, 2012, 07:21:27 PM

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Actually, when using allegro backend, mouse pointer is emulated by software (USE_SOFTPOINTER flag is automatically set in MakeFile).

Using the hardware pointer is nicer, and more comfortable in my opinion, and that's why I made this small patch.

Now, I can use the hardware pointer, or use the software one if I set the flag manually.

Hope that will be useful for someone !
Bye ;)


All the allegro version I have access do not support hardware pointer. That is why there was only software.


For info, I tested with allegro and it's ok.
(maybe depends on the OS too?)


Ok, I will test it. Maybe I did something wrong the last time this was used (which was still allegro 3.x)