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Author Topic: Diary of an Entrepreneur, Part 3  (Read 3350 times)

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Diary of an Entrepreneur, Part 3
« on: April 27, 2012, 04:18:57 PM »
First the screen shots, then the story:

In the early days in the land of Herbegovia, there were only a few small villages, the biggest and most central being Davidson.  Two brothers lived in that town, one a warrior and one a rogue.  They were an adventuresome lot.  After years of adventuring, both eventually married and settled down.  They were capable and likable men and towns grew up around their residences.  The towns were situated on the sea as both men loved fish and the two huge bays between the towns afforded excellent fishing.

One of the bays was somewhat open to the sea while the other was nearly shut off  - only a very narrow strait joined the sea.  The warrior loved contests and named his town Trials.  The rogue whose life prior to settling down was somewhat shady, named his city Redemption.  As time passed the towns grew to the point where canoes were simply not adequate to move all the people and materials between the towns.

Also they needed a way to get to Davidson.  The question became, "can you get to Redemption by going through Trials?"  The warrior proposed buying ships to travel from Davidson to Trials and on to Redemption.  The rogue argued you couldn't get from Trials to Redemption as the strait was too narrow.

The warrior was more persuasive and a ship was purchased.  Although reluctant to do so, the citizens of Redemption built a road up to the
strait arguing that the ship's crew would be trapped in the desert and would surely die.  The trip became the talk of all Herbegovia and the
ship was booked solid.  The people who agreed with the rogue's belief traveled to the site by way of Mars Hill, Redemption and the new road.

There was so much excitement about the event, a circus moved to the area.
On the fateful day when the loaded ship arrived at the narrow strait, the question became moot when the ship's captain announced he would
not enter the strait.  He proclaimed loudly, "it is too dangerous.  If the Almighty had wanted us to traverse this strait he would have made it wider."

The transportation execs were furious but there was nothing to do but gather every able bodied man and widen the strait.  This was done
somewhat haphazardly but effectively.  Upon arrival at Redemption, it was agreed; you can get to Redemption through Trials but not without a
lot trouble.   
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Re: Diary of an Entrepreneur, Part 3
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 04:48:49 PM »
I like the story, Roads, as usual...  specially the names of the towns...  Though question is why those brave men worked hard to remove so much land instead of only removing the spike near the circus?

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Re: Diary of an Entrepreneur, Part 3
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2012, 05:25:39 PM »
Thanks Isidoro.  It was chaos and you know, when you are on the ground working, you don't have the same view as when up high looking down.

I actually got the idea for this story from the previous season of "Survivor" where Ozzie and Coach were looking for redemption in their game.  That and the fact I have always loved stories of redemption.

About the city names...
The reason I change the default city names is because when I first began playing I couldn't remember which city was which - because - I keep the display of city names and such turned ruins the looks of the game for me.  Anyway, as soon as I renamed the cities I could suddenly remember which city was Wesley and Cody and Davidson and Mars Hill, etc.
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