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Github repository - merging

Started by Milko, May 09, 2012, 08:41:13 AM

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Hello The Hood

I am registered to GitHub. For now, I understood very little ....
What I wonder is: if I insert a fork in github and changes to pak128Brit, you will be able to merge or you are using another portal / software?

Can anyone tell me how can I delete a commit that I put in github? (see attached picture).



Quote from: Milko on May 09, 2012, 08:41:13 AM
Can anyone tell me how can I delete a commit that I put in github? (see attached picture).
I am not a git power-user, but here is, what I did in a similar situation: (There might be better methods to achieve the goal ...)

First you do this on your computer:
(1) create branch named master2 at the next-to-last commit
(2) delete branch master (locally at your machine)
(3) rename master2 to master
If this worked, you need to push to github
(4) delete master branch at github
(5) push (local) master branch to github
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The Hood

Afraid I know very little about Git - just did enough to dump the blend files there for other people's access...



@ The Hood

I was looking for a way to publish amendments to the pak so that was easy for you to enter it. In fact I made a repository connected to pakbritain standards. I had noticed that all the others were related to the experimental version, not the standard. I think I understand that you are not required that I publish on github changes as it would be useful to James.  I think to change the repository to facilitate joining the experimental version of James directly using github. Well ... how do I communicate to you the changes?




Thanks, after some testing I did.