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GitHub - How to use gitgui/gitbash?

Started by Milko, May 22, 2012, 10:09:38 AM

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I put in the post in this section, but I admit to not being able to understand whether it is correct, I wonder what excuse now I have the wrong section ...

I recently started using github. I have some trouble understanding how to operate.
I installed the package gitgui. I created a fork of the project by using the fork in the site. I then made a clone of the repository locally on my PC (I used gitbash).
I then created a new branch "devel" using gitgui.
Locally I have a folder with the name of the repository, despite having created the new branch of the folder is unique.
I think I've realized that if I edit the files in folders and I do the scan (using gitgui) automatically identifies the differences. What I do not understand is: if the folder is unique, how do I tell what the differences are attributable to the branch "devel" and the differences to the branch "master"? The uniqueness of the folder I put several questions .... I think it is slipping me something ...



Not quite sure I understand you correctly.

You commit changes to a branch. There is always a current branch. If you change a file, that is done in that branch. If you change the branch the old situation (before your changes) for that branch is restored.

So, in short, the files in the folder always represent the current branch. If you change the branch the files are changed accordingly. (Git only remembers differences, not the files themselves).
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