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SMSC May 2012 Edition: Civil engineering

Started by vilvoh, May 02, 2012, 04:06:28 PM

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A new edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest begins. The May's topic is Civil engineering, so show us difficult terrain and engineering work to overcome it. Some inspiration...


  • Only one picture per user
  • Picture max size: 800x600
  • Available picture formats: png or jpg
  • Topic: civil engineering
  • You may use any pakset you want
  • Zoom is allowed.
  • Please indicate if it's from a real game or not.
  • Please include a short description and mention the pak you've used.
  • You can upload the picture to an image hosting service like imgur, or photobucket and then post link to the image here.
  • The nomination period ends at 16th May. Then, we'll make a poll to decide the winner(s)

A mention at Simutrans Hall of Fame, compliments by the community and one post including your picture in the official blog.

Have fun!

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Uploaded with
a beautiful bridge that descends from the high hills and cross the river rafts to reach a small village located on the side of the open road that connects two cities.

game with pak.128


In fact, I would like to participate with a slightly modified version of the image I proposed in the other thread and its story:

Bridge over River Therte
River Therte is a tributary of River Canterflow (a.k.a. River Waterbourne).  Near its source, the terrain is pretty sheer, with big mountains and deep valleys.  Since the Meyer Moving Company made big bucks having complete monopoly of passenger and cargo transportation in that province, the Public Service sort of compel it to build the very difficult line between Telford and Newquay, both villages below 1500 inhabitants.  The line would be a loss from the beginning, but it is common knowledge in Thyrgland that the Prime Minister's mother-in-law is from Telford and he wants a quick communication, specially to Telford.  Both villages are at the same height and the Meyer took it as a challenge to build a level direct railway, with no turns or slopes.  The viaduct over River Therte is what appears in the photograph.

Technical details:

  • Pak128.Britain
  • Actual game, with heavy use of Public Service player


Laceby Mountains Pass

The people of the county of Chilting in the land of Balconia are very proud of their railway through the Laceby Mountain Pass. It connects their capital Staindrop to the center, north and east of Balconia. It is a vital part of their transport infrastructure and they think it is a great piece of engineering. In total there are 8 tunnels, 10 bridges, 9 high passages and 3 low passages on the track to Kirklinton and Epping.

Taken from a real game on the South East Europe map by Carl Baker. This beautiful map has a great variety of landscapes, some of which are really difficult to build on, like these mountains. In real life you should find this landscape around Podgorica in Montenegro. I used my own pak64.Combuijs, heavily based on pak64.

Bob Marley: No woman, no cry

Programmer: No user, no bugs


This is the port at Davidson.  Through this portal moves books, beer, cotton, wool, textiles, furniture, grain, flour and steel.  Maybe something else I've forgotten. :)

Please note this is from a real game but the pictured configuration is not yet implemented.  It is the projected configuration when the city grows larger.


Entrance  to Vereda   

Vereda is  the    big  city of  my nation       vereda have  a   tunel,higway,maglev and a great    buss netwrork     
Vereda  have  a fast track that crosses the entire city 
this  is  the part of the  one  of the mayor  airports  of  my nation   and  the entrance  to  the  great city

PAK 128   + various  addons   
Real game
.             SIMUTRANS--SIMUTRANS  



Here is one of the most busiest place of my map and the burden of civil engineering : La Défense

In the picture, you can see a little part of the business district of Paris: La Défense, the big center commercial which is mainly deserved by the underground suburban train and the peripheral which march along the business district and the center commercial. The freeway in the south of the picture link the district to the main airport of Paris.

A project has been voted and will be realized soon: the burial of the suburban train station in order to extend the center commercial and the parking and the peripheral's bridge will be destroy in order to make the area more attractive (residents complained of drug trafficking under the bridge at night).


The City of Oslo is situated on a peninsula and there is not much room for roads, rails, maglev and powerlines to connect the city with the rest of the continent. There is also an underground rail system not shown on this picture.
It's in the diffuse light of a northern summers night.

This is from a real game, pak64 + multiple addons


I would like to tell you about one of the hardest transport node in my implementation of Tokyo.

Musashi-Kosugi Station is a railway interchange station located in Nakahara Ward of eastern Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, opened on November 1, 1927.

The area around the station was served by the Nambu (Musashi-Kosugi elevated platform) and Tōyoko lines (Tamagawa, Shin-Maruko) since 1920s, but it took long time to have this integrated Musashi-Kosugi Station in 1945. Since then, the station has functioned as a major transfer point for people residing in Kawasaki who commute to Tokyo.

Although the station was already a major station along the two lines in 1990s, the station started further expansion of its role when the Meguro Line opened in 2000 with direct service to the Tokyo subway lines. The 2010 opening of the new platform for the Yokosuka Line and Shōnan-Shinjuku Line connected the station with many directions in Kantō region, including Narita Airport.

It's part of the transport corridor between Tokyo and Yokohama
You can see the multiple intersection of rail lines Tama River and each other

In contrast to today's reality, I have built a additional platforms for Shinkansen trains and planned subway line of Kawasaki city.

real game,
real transport system,


Kazincbarcika Station
The West station is the only station of Kazincbarcika. There is no place to build another, because the city is located on a peninsula. First it was ok, when only an intercity train and a maglev stopped there, but the network began to grow, so the station needed to be extended. But this was not too easy... There was a channel next to the station, which was used by ships and needed to stay open. The crossing of the maglev and train lines was a bit tricky too... The solution for the problem is the current layout...
The screenshot is from a real game i'm playing now, with pak128 and a lot of addons.


Oakton Southern Approach Bridges

These bridges are the approach railway to "Oakton Islands Railway Station". Over this bridge all Southern Railway lines pass into the station and due to the great rise in passenger numbers the earlier two bridges had to be augmented by the others. On the lower part of the picture the new "SR Speed Line" crosses the lake in the valley to enter the underground express station.

Edit: Forgot something:
real game, pak128.Britain, using a Hong Kong Map, no addons!


Last day for posting candidates, folks!

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Actually the part of the instruction about difficult terrain must have not registered on my brain when I posted my screenshot.  I just got the civil engineering idea.  Looks like I was not alone though.

For those of you who actually did work with difficult terrain, I applaud your effort and creativity and you most certainly deserve my vote.


last day?

To be unconventional, I'll try a shared/competitive work, actual game and no pak graphics. :D

Busiest sector in an online game. All of those train and maglev lines, around 8~10 run through the shortest expansion of ocean to connect the western coast with the mainland. Most of the network shown is mine, but dustnbones also has a nice high speed network running alongside, which helps alleviate congestion.

I would much rather have posted this version, but it doesn't fit within the 800x600 constraints and resizing it made it look very ugly, so I submit the first one. There are a lot of networks working in conjunction in the whole map and it's kind of interesting to see the various play styles of various players.
My Sketchup open project sources
various projects rolled up:

Colour safe chart:


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...